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I'm Not Dead (Yet)

Posted: 2019-08-15

I’m still here, it’s just this blog that doesn’t get any updates these days. Three kids keep you pretty occupied! :) I went through all the stuff that is still linked here, and a lot of it is pretty outdated. I just can’t be bothered to either remove things or (the horror!) update them, so you’ll have to live with the desolate state the blog is in. Deal with it. I don’t even know if anyone is reading this, I don’t run any fancy monitoring on the site and don’t really care if someone reads my ramblings, to be honest. This was and still is just an outlet for mostly technical stuff I do and find worth documenting. Blogs are dead anyway, or so I’ve heard. Kids these days don’t seem to have the attention span for long texts anymore.


Update After Two Years

Posted: 2016-02-28

Wow. I cannot believe I have not updated this website in more than two years. I’ve been mainly blogging over at my brain tumor blog and completely neglected this website. Having a kid also doesn’t make it more realistic for me to have cool new technical projects I want to write about… But as I had to migrate the code for this blog from nanoc3 to nanoc4, I thought hey, why not add a blog post after all this time!


Site Overhaul

Posted: 2013-11-17

I decided that this site needs some updates. I’ve changed its nanoc codebase and partly the style to the same I use for my other blog. Makes things easier. I will try and keep the codebases in sync over time. I also removed some clutter in the projects section, you can find everything I publish on github, so no need for the extra links and content. The archive link is also new and lists every blog post on this site, sorted by date.

Nexus 4 SIM Card Trouble

Posted: 2013-02-09

Hey everyone, haven’t written something in a while, so I figured instead of just posting this on Google+, I could tell the tale of how it took me 20 minutes of sweat and fear to prepare my SIM card for my new Nexus 4 on this blog.

Yesterday, my new Nexus 4 arrived. After two years of using my trusted Motorola Defy, it was time for an upgrade. The Nexus 4 is a lot bigger than I like my phones normally, but the price/performace ratio made me buy it anyway. It is a very nice phone though, and I immediately began to set it up.


Subtle Window Manager

Posted: 2012-07-04

I’m a longterm XMonad user, and still love it. I even improved my (very weak) Haskell skills writing its configuration file.

But recently, I’ve decided to try another window manager, just for fun. This time, it’s subtle. No, that’s really the name of the WM, subtle. It’s written in C and extended via Ruby, so I know my around a little better on this one, being an avid Ruby coder. There’s two main reasons to deviate from XMonad: