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May 2012

New Project: hedge HTTP Request Parser

Posted: 2012-05-14

There’s a new project I started, and I called it hedge. It consists of an HTTP request parser written with Treetop, the simple Ruby DSL for writing PEGs. It is by no means a complete parser, I’ve started this mainly for fun and to have my own parser ready for other projects, so I can adapt it to my personal needs.

However, feel free to use this if you find it useful in any way. As always, I’m hosting hedge on github.

Vim Plugins

Posted: 2012-05-01

As I was updating some of my dotfiles, I also started reorganizing the way my .vimrc is layed out. It then came to me that it would be a nice addition to this website to add a list of my most often used vim plugins, if only to remind myself what to download when I set up a new system. So, let’s get started, in alphabetical order: