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July 2011

How to Add a chrooted Debian to Your ASUS Transformer

Posted: 2011-07-14

Update 30 November 2013

I got a friendly email from someone who found the article on I was pretty sure I searched there, but apparently not thoroughly enough. Anyway, I’ve added it back to this post. The information in the next paragraphs is still valid though.

Today is 9 February 2013. This was once an article about how I installed Debian in a chroot environment on my ASUS Transformer back in 2011. Unfortunately, I seem to have accidentally removed this post at some point, so it got lost. I can’t even find it in my git repository, so I guess I must have written the article, forgotten to commit it to git, and then later, when at some point I removed the whole directory on the webserver to upload a clean version of the website, it got lost.