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New ical2rem.rb version on github

Posted: 2010-03-20

I finally pushed a new version of ical2rem.rb to github. It’s been a while that I’ve worked on this. I’m using the update I pushed today for quite a while now, I just didn’t came around to actually release it.

It’s a major update in the sense that ical2rem.rb now uses Rick DeNatale’s RiCal for all its VCAL parsing. I switched because VPim didn’t work with Ruby 1.9 at the time and as an Arch Linux user, I made the switch quite early.

So please go and check out the new version on github. Drop me a mail if you find any bugs, I appreciate it.

On a completely unrelated note, I also updated my dotfiles a little and added four new ones: inputrc, irbrc, vimperatorrc and wyrdrc. Have fun.