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Metasploit Readline Support

Posted: 2009-10-18

I already wanted to write about this two weeks ago, but better late than never.

I noticed back then that after updating Metasploit from SVN, the Readline support was broken. GNU Readline is something awesome. It is a library that allows command line editing and has Emacs and Vi keybindings. This means that whenever a command line program supports Readline, I can use my beloved this-stuff-is-hardwired-in-my-brain Vi keys. It even has normal and insert mode. If you want to try it yourself, you just have to define it in your ~/.inputrc. Mine, for example, reads:

set editing-mode vi
set keymap vi
set convert-meta on

Programs supporting Readline are e.g. IRB and IPython. Very neat stuff.

So, Metasploit has Readline support, too. And it broke (for me) with revision 7089 due to a switch to a Readline library written in pure Ruby. Switching to a pure Ruby implementation is a good thing, as it further reduces platform dependencies, but this one crashed on me because it didn’t know about the Vi movement modes.

I sent a mail to the Metasploit mailinglist detailing the problem, which is why I originally planned to write this blog post: HD answered and fixed the problem ca. 70 minutes after my post (by disabling the feature, but at least Metasploit worked again). And when in a later post he mentioned that he might reenable the old code using GNU Readline and I raised my hand to support this, he promptly added a command line switch (try -L). This time it took about 6 hours. As someone else in the thread put it: “talk about customer service”! So, thanks again for the quick reaction HD.