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Website Rewrite - nanoc3 and Haml

Posted: 2009-10-02

I haven’t posted a new thought in an long time, the reason being twofold:

1. Work. I can’t even keep up writing posts for RedTeam.

2. Arch Linux recently switched to Ruby 1.9.1 which is the new official stable version.

Now, the problem was that I used Markaby for all the web pages, excluding the blog posts (which use RedCloth). Markaby currently doesn’t support Ruby 1.9, and since _why’s disappearance, I won’t hold my breath this’ll happen anytime soon. So I bit the bullet and translated everything to Haml. While I was doing this, I noticed that nanoc was also available in a new, but incompatible version 3. As I was already changing so many pages, I took the extra work and also rewrote the website for nanoc3.

I hope I didn’t miss anything and I will definitely try to post more frequently now that the switch has been made, which took me a while. You can start by reading the post from Sept. 15, which I wrote before I realised the site’s b0rked and didn’t bother to remove and add on a later date.