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Task - A TODO List Manager

Posted: 2009-09-15

Since roughly two years now, I’m organising myself using the Getting Things Done method. Not always to the smallest detail, but to a large extent. GTD helped me a lot to get organised better, because, frankly, I suck at it. It’s easy, to the point and simply practical. Works very well for me.

Up to now, I organised my next actions etc. using simple text files and the Vim Outliner Plugin, which worked great. But I have recently found a new tool for organising my GTD stuff: task. It’s a simple but powerful command line tool to add, delete, mark, tag, show etc. your tasks. It fits very well into the GTD philosophy if you want it to. The files it writes are also plain text files and you can even edit the individual items with your favourite editor (which is Vim, of course. There is no other). But even the raw file is just text and can be edited, which is important for me because I use git to version control the files and sync them between computers. So even if I produce a conflict because I forgot to commit something, I can solve it with an editor.