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New (local) PKGBUILDs

Posted: 2009-06-28

I’ve added another PKGBUILD to AUR, this time it’s the stable version of Radare. The website describes Radare as “a free and advanced command line hexadecimal editor. The project aims to create a complete, portable, multi-architecture, unix-like toolchain for reverse engineering.”

There’s already a PKGBUILD made by shino downloading the newest Mercurial sources, but the build fails on my system because of a missing “” file. So I modified the PKGBUILD to instead download the latest stable version, which installs just fine. Unfortunately, the ELF64 analyzer seems to be broken, I only get a segmentation fault. I didn’t have the time to look into this any further though.

I also added a new “Local PKGBUILDs” category to my AUR section. Sometimes, there’s PKGBUILDs I don’t want to or can’t upload to AUR, either because I don’t think they’re good/stable enough or because they’re missing information which is mandatory for AUR. In case of hzzp, a new HTTP fuzzer, it’s the lack of a license, for example. It also doesn’t have a proper version number, so I added one myself to get the package to build.

The local PKGBUILDs are made available as source packages generated with makepkg --source, even if there’s only the PKGBUILD file. This prevents me from accidentally forgetting something in case there are also install files etc. Just unpack it with tar zxvf $filename and build with makepkg as usual.