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Added Xresources dotfile

Posted: 2009-05-06

I’ve added my Xresources dotfile to the collection of Dotfiles. It has a nice colour section to give me a Zenburn colour scheme in my terminals. I really love that scheme, it’s so easy on the eyes, I’m using it everywhere possible. Together with the Proggy Fonts, it provides for my perfect working environment at the moment. You may have noticed that this website also uses Zenburn-like colours.

BTW, the colour scheme definitions in my Xresources file were not made by me, but I copied them from somewhere (which is true for many of the contents of my other dotfiles as well). I normally add a comment with a link to where I copied from, to remind myself where I got the snippet originally and to give a little credit. So please excuse me if I don’t do this in all cases, but sometimes I just forget.