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The whys and hows

Posted: 2009-04-14

Well, so this is it. I finally gave in to the urge of building my own website and here we are. It all began with an email of my former Professor, Felix Freiling (one of the coolest Professors I’ve ever known). He started it with something along the lines of “Dear friends of offensive thinking (in IT security)” (it was in German, so it sounded better then). So that’s where the domain name comes from, thanks again for the inspiration :). Now I had this great domain and thought about what to do with it. And then I remembered how often I found some software, little code snippet, a bit of advice on the net in some blog or on a website, and was grateful because it helped me solve a problem. And how often I solved things myself and thought “Why, I guess I should note that down”. This is what primarily made me start this site. Things I feel need to be shared.

The next was how to build this, because I wanted to generate static html. I found nanoc, which suits me well. I wanted a minimalist site, without anything fancy I have to take care of, expressing my thoughts with minimal fuss. I think nanoc lets me do that. I’m writing the pages with Vim (using Markaby for markup), that’s enough to make me happy. And I wanted to release this online as soon as possible, so there may be more content to follow. Don’t hold your breath, though. And I still have to tidy up some things. The style.css file for example is a little bit ugly at the moment.

So, uh, welcome, I guess. Maybe there will be some useful content for someone on these pages. Maybe not. It will at least give me a place to store my own notes and thoughts online, for easy access. That’s good enough for me.